Déesse Kloset is an online store that is all about producing new unique styles and trends. Our goal is for our customers to be looking fashionably elegant and sophisticated without breaking the bank. We present all the latest styles at an affordable price and recognise that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We want you our customers to feel beautiful, confident and sexy in your own skin. No matter the occasions, place or event we’ve got you covered.

At Déesse Kloset all pieces of clothing are specially designed from scratch by our innovative in-house designer. From hand sketches to ultimately bringing the drawings to life, we also specialise in picking the best materials for comfort and to suit your curves beautifully. We design our clothing months ahead of seasonal styles, to make sure our dolls are prepared for the best quality, styling, sizing and pricing.

Fashion is a way of outward artistic as well as inner characteristic expression so, with these elements in mind together we create new trends of fashion. Styles are all about individuality and what you are feeling and expressing in the moment. We want everyone to be able to express themselves without saying anything; we are confident that our clothing will do all the talking. In summary, the Déesse Kloset family are committed to providing you with the best experience possible.

What does Déesse mean?

Déesse means Goddess. 


The Déesse Kloset Story

J. Boateng, founder of the Déesse Kloset fashion brand, is known for truly expressing her passion and life purpose. Her passion is not just about unique fashion designs for women but also the idea of being part of a growing level-up trend where women can literally rely on our brand for exclusive clothing that accentuates their beauty, character and inner qualities. In other words, Déesse Kloset is set to be a beacon of true self-expressions. This is the founder’s vision for the brand, which is to have it be set aside from any competition or similar brands. Déesse Kloset is to become a legend in years to come; unique in its ability to bring the outward appearance of women to life in any given scenario, whether it be eating out, partying, lounging at home, or strolling in a park.

J. Boateng’s journey started in 2019 where she was inspired by her university friends, who would always comment on her style of dressing, often described as being very stylish to being overdressed for classes. But, she wanted to show them and others that being creative and expressive is a quality we all have and that we should not be shy to live out our dreams and best qualities and express them externally via how we dress. So, she took this vision further by actually starting to take her own ideas more seriously. Boateng started putting her visions of stylish and grand couture to paper by doing hand drawings of the clothing she visualised. As a result, Déesse Kloset now have a portfolio of hundreds of unique designs with expanding variations. It has taken some time to get to where Boateng is now, with Déesse Kloset, but it is a journey that has been very fulfilling for her.

J. Boateng has spent the past few years building the brand, and with very little capital to begin with. But with a rapidly growing customer base, an expanding social media presence and excellent partnering manufactures, we can all be rest assured that this brand is here to stay for the long run.